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November 2022

In the year ending June 2022:

There were 275 fire-related fatalities compared with 251 in the previous year which is an increase of ten per cent.  

There were 208 fire-related fatalities in dwelling fires, compared with 193 in the previous year which is an increase of eight per cent

Make sure you have suitable and working smoke detectors in your home, and test them regularly.

January 2023

New Fire Safety Legislation from 2021

The Fire safety Act 2021

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 consolidated a number of different pieces of fire legislation in 2022 called “The Fire safety Act 2021”.

The legislation covers all areas that are not domestic including communal areas of residential accommodation, and is enforced by the Fire and Rescue Authorities

The new changes now include the front doors of residential parts, and external walls including cladding and balconies, and places the onus on the responsible person to undertake risk assessments, and manage the risks.

Fire Safety Act 2021 factsheet:  GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

New Fire Safety Regulations from January 23rd 2023. (England)

Summary - The rules broadly cover high-rise buildings, some relating to those over 11 metres and some to those 18 metres or at least seven storeys with communal areas.

Fire Safety Instructions - The responsible person must ensure that fire safety instructions are prominently displayed, and a copy given to all residents every 12 months, and all new residents as soon as practicably possible after they move in.

Fire Doors - Information about fire doors must be provided to occupiers every 12 months and all new residents as soon as practicably possible after moving in.

Wayfinding signage - There is a need to provide suitable signage to assist fire and rescue service crews with orientation in the event of a fire.

Secure information box - In the event of a fire in any high-rise residential building, it is important that certain information is readily available for the fire and rescue service.

Fact sheet: Overview - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

January 2021

UK Fire statistics for the period March 2019 - March 2020

There were 243 fire related fatalities in the year.

There were 2,998 rescues from fires.

Thee were 5,172 primary fires that involved an evacuation.

March 2020

Record Fine for Fire Safety Failures -  Read Here

February 2020

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service - Advice for local care homes.  Read Here