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Fire Risk Assessment

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Fines for Fire Safety breaches

Following a fire safety inspection on a restaurant in Reading :

Given the serious nature of the breaches, the case was sent to Crown Court for sentencing.

On 3rd July 2020, the defendant was sentenced to a seven month custody order, suspended for

18 months, at least 10 days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement order and 180 hours of unpaid

Community work, which will begin once the COVID-19 control measures are eased, plus a £2000 fine.

Fines for fire safety breaches have soared since Grenfell

The average fine handed down for breaches of the Fire Safety Order has risen sharply since the fire

at Grenfell Tower in 2017.

Reviewing 200 of his cases brought under legislation, fire safety solicitor Warren Spencer

found that the average fine since the tragedy is now £27,519, more than a third higher (35%) than

the average across 2014 - 2019 which was £20,375.

Care Homes fined huge amounts for fire safey failings

Care Homes fined over £100,000 for ‘Serious’ fire safety failings, the care home based in South London

Has been fined £90,000 plus.

For fire risk assessments these are the five steps that need to be taken by a competent person:

Step 1 Identify potential fire hazards in the workplace.

Step 2 Decide who (e.g. employees, visitors) might be in danger, in the event of a fire, in the workplace or while trying to escape from it and note their location.

Step 3 Evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide whether your existing fire precautions are adequate or whether more should be done to get rid of the hazard or to control the risks (e.g. by improving the fire precautions).

Step 4 Record your findings and details of the action you took as a result. Tell your employees about your findings.

Step 5 Keep the assessment under review and revise it when necessary.



Every person who has control/responsibility of the premises to some extent.

Persons who have any contract or tenancy when it relates to :

      a) The maintenance or repair of the workplace.

      b) The safety of the workplace.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (FSO) replaces over 100 pieces of fire related legislation. With so many pieces of legislation there was a great deal of overlapping and inconsistencies arising in fire safety standards. The aim of the FSO is to remove multiple and overlapping fire safety provisions and replace them with a single fire safety regime, which will reduce the burdens and complexity on businesses.

The responsible person must appoint one or more competent persons to assist them in undertaking the preventive and protective measures. The preventative and proactive measures must take account of all persons legally in or in the vicinity of the premises.