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The UK fire-safety legislation (Regulatory Reform Order 2005) requires businesses to employ adequate fire protection measures within the business. So the decision as to whether you have extinguishers or not is up to the ‘Responsible Person’ and usually determined from the findings of a mandatory fire risk assessment. However the government advice is that even a one room premise should provide at least one fire extinguisher.

It is important to understand which extinguishers can fight which fuels.

Here is a brief outline:

• Water – Solid fires

• Foam – Solids and flammable liquids

• CO 2 – Electrical and flammable liquids

• Powder – Solids, liquids and gasses

• Wet Chemical – Cooking oils and fats, solids.


The Fire Safety Order requires that whoever is authorised to use your extinguishers must be trained in their use. Training should take place on induction to the company and at regular refresher intervals.

However the choice of just who will be authorised to use the extinguishers is up to you and is usually determined by the findings of your fire risk assessment. The best method of training is hands-on practical demonstration.


Extinguishers must be serviced annually and there are very specific rules on intervals, type of service and life-span of extinguishers.  Most extinguishers have a twenty-year life-span.

Each year a basic service is required annually and all stored-pressure extinguishers (essentially everything except CO2) require an extended service every fifth year. An extended service involves emptying and stripping the extinguisher checking the internal state of the unit and then refilling and re-gassing.

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