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Basic Course Information:  Fire extinguisher training for all staff

Instructor:  To be confirmed

Attendees:  All staff


Location: Premises training room or lounge and outdoor area

Length of course: 1.5 - 2 hours   

Course Objectives : The purpose of this course is to ensure that all staff have the knowledge to operate all types of Fire Extinguisher and to recognise which type of extinguisher should be used on which type of fire.

After you have attended this course, you will be able to:

• Understand the different types of fire extinguishers

• Understand the different types of fire

• Know how to operate the equipment safely

• Know the locations of the fire extinguishers

Certification -  All attendees receive an individual electronic version certificate of attendance.

The UK fire-safety legislation (Regulatory Reform Order 2005) requires businesses to employ adequate fire protection measures within the business. So the decision as to whether you have extinguishers or not is up to the ‘Responsible Person’ and usually determined from the findings of a mandatory fire risk assessment.

However the government advice is that even a one room premise should provide at least one fire extinguisher.