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Basic fire awareness is the minimum standard all employees must have to comply with legislation whether it is under the Workplace regulations or the new fire safety reform.

It makes sense to have staff trained so that in the event of an emergency no matter how large or small, they will know how to react correctly, and that their actions would not only save their own lives but the lives of their work colleagues.

When at work as opposed to being at home there are certain other factors to take into account when talking about fire safety. The size of the workplace, the process that takes place, the number of people present in the building as well as hazardous materials and all other aspects of being at work increase the risk of incidents happening.

Although the home is generally a lot smaller than the workplace it is essential to have good fire safety procedures and fire plans to make sure that ( a fire doesn't break out, but if it does you are prepared for it as well as possible.)

Fire safety in the workplace is as important as health and safety and the companies that have the best systems of both usually have the least incidents and accidents

Fire Prevention and Fire Safety work…..

Training, together with Risk Assessment is the backbone of it!

Course Details

   • An introductory video and discussion on the speed and development of fire

    • What to do if you here the alarm

    • Action to take on discovery of a fire

    • Evacuation procedures (types and uses)

    • Means of escape (In depth explanation of what it actually means)

    • The triangle and quadrangle of fire

    • Unknown dangers and how to deal with them

    • Substances and matter

    • Fire extinguishers (type and use) technical

    • Basic risk assessments

    • Arson prevention

    • Useful self preservation information on traveling through buildings

    • Q & A

    • Practical use of extinguishers outside

All courses are certificated for individuals